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    Mr. Reza Motamedi's Positions and Affiliations
Senior Attorney
- Member of the Iranian Central Bar Association.
- Former member of the executive Board of Iranian Jurist Association.
- Member of the Iranian writer Association.
- President of International Foreign Affairs Commission of the Iranian Central Bar Association.
- President of the Council of the Association of Iranian Independent Lawyers.
- Senior legal advisor in the Bureau for international legal services.
- Attending as lawyer and legal adviser in Iran - United States Claims Tribunal in Hague.
- Designated Arbitrator of Iranian Chamber of Commerce.

- Award of Merit received from Minister of Housing and Urbanisation in recognition of legal statements delivered before Iran United States claims tribunal in Hague in connection with Nationality and the rights of minority shareholders as stipulated in Iranians Laws and Regulations, (1983/3/11).
- Appreciation Letter received in recognition of written consultations and drafting voluminous response with respect to the opinion of the Swedish expert on valuation of shares of an Iranian company during the years of 1985 – 1987.
- An Award Bronze Plaque of honor received from President of Iranian Central Bar Association for outstanding and noteworthy contribution to the legal profession and for truthful conduct during the 37 years term of practice.
- Award of Merit received from president of Iranian Bar Association for organizing and conducting a Seminar on International Trade Law April 2009.  
- Appreciation Letter received from president of Iranian Bar for organizing and conducting a seminar on Legal aspects of sanction April 2013 in association with Center for International Legal Studies. (CILS)  
- Certificate of recognition received from Center for International Legal Studies and Iranian Bar Association for contribution to the organization and conduct of the Seminar on International Trade Law, E-Commence and the Internet April 2011.