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About Us

   Motamedi & Associates is a full service leading Iranian Law offices engaged in national and international practices. The office was founded in 1978 by Mr. Reza Motamedi who already had a very successful background of legal practice in both national and international fields since the early seventies. During the decade of eighties Mr. Motamedi became actively engaged as a lawyer and legal adviser before international arbitral tribunals.
   Motamedi & Associates as a well-established law offices has employed its rich legal experiences in handling a wide range of legal issues of many prominent companies covering submission of various legal and commercial services in diverse areas of law.
   The office has extensive experience of representation before national and international arbitral tribunals and has the support of experts from a wide range of expertise for rendering legal advice to Iranian and foreign companies doing business in Iran.
   The main objective of the office is to render the best professional and complete service to clients who are mostly foreign companies and investors intending to set up their business in Iran and thus assisting them in achieving their goals in each separate field of activities.
   The office has a rich experience in dealing with legal issues of the clients with a unique level of proficiency which manifest itself in superior services.
   We have also profited from a group of productive and highly qualified associate lawyers and legal experts who are specialized in different legal field and are thus responsive to our clients needs and assure them of the highest legal professional quality and commitment. We have learned to be flexible and creative for obtaining the best result for our clients.
   In 1980 we set up a department for registration of trademark and industrial property which to this date has gained a considerable reputation amongst trademark agents all over the world.